3 tips to reduce everyday stress

This article covers a few tips and tricks to turn daily stresses around and, hopefully, have a more enjoyable everyday experience. 

This article covers a few tips and tricks to turn daily stresses around and, hopefully, have a more enjoyable everyday experience. 

Daily responsibilities, deadlines and uncertainty of what’s to come can cause chronic stress and ultimately wear you down. Luckily, there are ways to fight back, and we’re going to take a look at a few very effective ones today.

Laugh at your mistakes more

Laugh at the stupid things you’ve done instead of mulling over them endlessly, looking for ways you could’ve acted better. It’s now in the past, there’s not much to do about it. But you can take it lightly and think of the past you with a kind smile on your face.

Anna Akana, a pretty funny young actress/comedian on YouTube, made a nice video where she proposed a better way to look at mistakes:

“Bad decisions lead to good stories.”

Anna Akana

Put things into perspective

Of the things you worried about 5 years ago, which still matter to you? If you really think about it, there are shockingly few concerns that don’t pass with time. So, when you feel your head filling up with anxious thoughts – sit back, take a couple of deep breaths and remember – nothing really matters. You’ll be out of here in less than 100 years, and even if you were a Nobel Prize winner who solved the world hunger issue, nobody will sit around thinking about your right- and wrongdoings all day then, like you do now sometimes. (Sorry to break this to you, but that thought strangely calms me down – I figured it might help you, too!)

Keep doing what you can and working hard, but remove the anxiety out of the equation as it doesn’t serve anyone. Simply let the time pass and only concentrate on sorting all of your today’s stresses out.

Give yourself time-outs every day

We have to be busy for most of the day, but we don’t have to let our busy anxious mind spoil enjoyment of rest. Even when you’re swamped and you haven’t done all that you’ve planned for the day, allow yourself breaks from reality with coffee, books, walking outside, what have you – guilt-free!

There’s no shame in being human and not having an endless amount of time and energy to do every little thing perfectly. You deserve peaceful rest regardless of how much you’ve got done today.

Enjoy your journey!

Write a comment if you have your own advice to share on the topic of dealing with everyday stresses, I’ll be happy to hear from you! And as always, it’s great to see you here ❤ I hope you’re enjoying every day of your summer!


8 thoughts on “3 tips to reduce everyday stress

    1. You said it! 🙂 With our hectic lives stopping to smell the roses seems a luxury, but it’s rather a necessity for a healthy, happy life – perhaps more so than our jobs and whatever else we run so fast for every day!

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