You hold a diamond – make it shine!

This article is about the raw talents and abilities we hold within ourselves. It talks about how to notice them and why they may be worth developing.


This article is about the raw talents and abilities we hold within ourselves. It talks about how to notice them and why they may be worth developing.

Have you ever been in a situation when you have everything you need to pursue the life you want, and you still don’t do it? If you have a roof over your head, some food to eat every day, and a little free time on your hands, then you are probably there right now. Everything is going fine, nothing new, but that’s the problem – nothing new! No goal that fires you up inside, no incentive in the future to stay up a bit later tonight to learn and practice.

But what’s stopping you from having this motivation? Nothing, really. Why then aren’t you doing anything to step up your experience in this lifetime, bring something new into it, something exciting? I don’t know about you, but for me the main reason I wasn’t improving my life and chasing ambitious dreams was usually because I didn’t know what it was I wanted to chase.

I’ve always had many interests and I’ve noticed a few talents along the way, but there wasn’t a sign anywhere above my bed or across the wall in the living room saying “You should be doing this: …” So, I waited. I waited long and hard for the sign to appear, setting small goals in the meantime that would usually lose their shine the second I achieved them. They only served to kill the time, and sometimes to understand what I definitely didn’t want to do, and why.

Luckily, as I was waiting, I was lucky enough to come across a few people. Wise and kind beyond their age, they were also looking for that special something – the fire that would light up their eyes and set their life in motion. And from them – the people who had more experience and years of learning behind their backs than me – I’ve found out that waiting won’t get me anywhere. You can spend a lifetime waiting and killing time until that special something appears and makes it clear you’ve found your calling.

But time is not given to us so that we kill it. We are given time here to try, and learn, and find what we are living for. Turns out, waiting wasn’t what was getting me closer to my real passion – trial and error was. All the things I’ve picked up over the years – some finished, some not – are the lessons that are bringing me closer to living my purpose every day. They have showed me what I can and can’t do well, and how hard I need to work to be truly good at something.

Another thing I have learned is that you don’t choose your purpose – it chooses you, but you might have to go through lots of experiences before you notice it. You’ve always lived your calling – but you’ll only understand what it is when you start paying attention to what you do. We go through a good part of our life on autopilot before we start taking responsibility for each decision. Now that we are aware that every turn of the road brings us to a new life, and that we are free to choose these turns as best we can, we are also able to think – why have we chosen the paths we have already taken?

What was in that random dance class you took in the summer last year that made you go there in the first place? And why do you keep going to karaoke places with friends, even though you’ve never sung professionally? Maybe, you like to use your body to express deep emotions, or maybe you have a more powerful voice than you realise, and you’ve always enchanted anyone who heard it.

Finally, I’ve learned that even when you’ve realised what you want to be doing with your life – not through waiting for it to just hit you, but through doing and observing what you do – you still have a lot of work ahead to reach your full potential. Once you realise what you are good at, you can’t stop at that. You have potential to bring tremendous beauty into this world with your gift, but not until you take this raw stone and make it into a diamond. 

It will take work, and lots of it, plus you can’t be sure if you ever earn a dime with your efforts. It’s much easier to keep going to the office from 9 to 5, eat your meals, sleep through your nights, and not even think about the massive raw stone inside of you, waiting to shine. This way, you don’t have to take the risk of screwing it up because you are not a born master diamond cutter, and you don’t have to extend the effort to cut, shape, facet and polish your stone.

Or, you can use the gift of free time you have to work on this future diamond. You may or may not finish polishing it when your time is up, but you will know you have tried your best. Isn’t it already something?

Enjoy your journey! 

This is a very improvised post that has been written as a surprise even to myself. I decided not to write tonight and turned off my laptop, went to cook dinner, but something made me return and the words spilled out by themselves. Let me know if you like it – you are the reason this blog exists ❤  

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