Be your own biggest advocate

This post is about the importance of acknowledging and embracing your own uniqueness and being the #1 supporter of yourself.


This post is about the importance of acknowledging and embracing your own uniqueness and being the #1 supporter of yourself.

Some of us (myself included) have been raised with the idea that pride is a bad thing. And while it sometimes can be, for example if it makes you take a lighthearted joke seriously and hold a grudge towards a person for it, other times it’s necessary. For instance, when you need to stand up for yourself and earn respect of other people.

Diminishing your pride can result in belittling yourself. And others pick up on such self-destructive patterns easily. If you don’t take pride in your achievements and who you are, more often than not, it will be difficult for you to sell yourself to others. This is directly tied to confidence.

Lack of confidence can make us hesitant in pursuing what we really desire, and steer us towards the compliant side. We may start shaping our life according to someone else’s expectations – not our own. And the people who believe and enforce societal expectations are almost never ones that truly care about you, so their guidance by default is not with your best interests at heart. Sometimes, people who are near and dear to us – close friends and family – try to influence our judgement, too. Even in that case, it’s best to listen to ourselves, because they are not the ones who will live with the consequences of our actions – we are.

Coming back to the topic of pride, it’s certainly not bad to be proud – in fact, it can have a massively good influence on your life, as it gives you confidence to know you deserve having what you want. It also guarantees that in any group of people, there will be at least one who supports you no matter what – and that’s you. What’s more, this gives you a solid ground to start earning the support of others. When you see value and beauty in who you are and what you do – others notice it, too.

Have the courage to be yourself and embrace your own uniqueness, no apologies!

Enjoy your journey!

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