It’s okay to suck

This post will hopefully be helpful to everyone who is delaying doing something special just because they might suck at it.


This post will hopefully be helpful to everyone who is delaying doing something special just because they might suck at it.

When we were babies, we sucked at lots of things. Talking and walking were definitely among them. But also solving complex problems, taking responsibility for our actions, taking care of others and ourselves – we sucked at all of these, big time.

Look at yourself now! You’ve gone a long way. You may not have everything figured out perfectly just yet, but walking and talking is now a given, and you take on dozens of other more difficult tasks each day.

Now that we’ve learned the basics and some more, nothing should be holding us back, right? Wrong. As we’ve grown up, we may have succeeded at lots of things, but many of us have lost one important aspect crucial to growth – being comfortable with sucking at something.

Babies don’t care if anyone sees them fall as they’re trying to walk, why do we? Probably, our ego has grown up along with us, and it can’t bear the possibility of failure.

But we can turn it around, if we do what we did as babies to support our learning. It can do us all a world of good to laugh more at our fails and not take ourselves too seriously.

What’s the last thing you’ve failed at miserably? And what was funny about it? When you find that thing that makes you laugh at your own big failure, you can instantly move on with a light step and a sparkle in your eyes.

This is shown brilliantly in a short scene from Friends, 5×02: (Any fellow Friends fans out there? 😀 )

Though the situation between Ross and Rachel is not directly related to what we’re talking about in this post, there are 3 great takeaways from the video:

  1. If something matters to you enough, you will go for it, even if there’s a 99,9% probability of failure.
  2. When you are the first one to laugh at your own mistakes, you maximise your chances of coming out of failures with flying colours, your ego intact.
  3. People actually respect the ones bold enough to try something risky, regardless of the outcome.

So, if there is something you keep delaying because you know you might suck at it, at least in the beginning, I challenge you to do it, before this year is out. Any tangible outcome of it, however successful, will certainly mean more to you than possibilities unbacked by actions living in your head right now.

Enjoy your journey!

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