Grow love within

This article is all about love. More specifically, it talks about how we can have a happy love life regardless of other people and circumstances.


This article is all about love. More specifically, it talks about how we can have a happy love life regardless of other people and circumstances.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Love for what you do, who you are with (romantically and otherwise), love for yourself, love for your hobbies – these and many other types of love feed our spirit, so it’s crucial that we nurture them every day. Here are a few random thoughts about how we can experience more love in daily life by making good changes on our side, without waiting for someone else to change.

  • When you catch sadness or dissatisfaction in any of the types of love listed above, it may be an indication that you need to put more effort into charging this part of your life. If you feel there’s not enough love in your romantic relationship, for example, start giving more, and the overall dynamic of the partnership will change. The same is likely to work with any kind of love, because there is always two sides to it. Even when the other side is not a specific person, but a hobby, for example, it will still give you back more satisfaction when you charge it up and start pouring more love towards this area of life. The energy you add to feed the fire will bounce both ways.
  • “You get what you give” doesn’t always work out. That is why if you feel the other party in any relationship is giving way less that you are, it is smart to set some boundaries and maybe have a conversation about it. However, you can’t get what you can’t give, so even if you have been badly burnt in the past by love, don’t shut down from giving it completely – ultimately, you may be the one who suffers the consequences of that decision. You will want love in your life again as time passes, but it will be difficult to start giving freely again. So, as painful as it may be, try to never stop giving love – even to the people who hurt you, with healthy boundaries.
  • Only you can love yourself the way you need and want to be loved. Other people simply have no idea what your perfect relationship looks like, and like any ideal, it is bound to go unfulfilled. No romantic partner comes into your life to deliver you the kind of love you are searching. All you are looking for you can nurture inside, and the other people will be there to show you other ways to love, always different from your own. And it’s okay. Just appreciate what they give, because the fact their love may be different from yours doesn’t make it any less special.
  • Any love story has a future while it has a present. And the only reliable indicator of how happy that future may be is also hidden in the Here and Now. I say “hidden” because it’s not always obvious to us how we feel in the current situation, yet it’s the only truth there is. You can’t accurately remember the past, nor can you predict the future. The only thing you can do to ensure love thrives in your life is to bring more of it in the given moment. That’s how we can all live without worries about the future of our relationships.
  • When you decide to remain peaceful in love, regardless of the turmoils that may be happening day to day, you can forget about being afraid that the love you have today can be gone tomorrow. Relationships have their ups and downs, but love is yours to keep. Turbulence and constant change, good or bad, don’t have to alter how you feel – they can only do so if you choose to respond with more havoc. By choosing to experience calm love that is always there, you make a decision to be gentle to your own and other people’s feelings. 

A million of circumstances can take away the relationships, activities and things you care about – everything that has a physical form is perishable – but nothing can take away your love. You decide how much love you give at every single moment. So, the power to have a happy love life full of all kinds of love is in your hands, always.

Enjoy your journey!

Thank you for being here and I hope your life is filled with love ❤ If you liked this post, feel free to also read about how to attract that special someone and how to reconnect with love

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    1. Actually included this piece after posting the article – the phrase came out of my mouth at lunch with friends, and they could also relate, so added it to the post straight as I got home 🙂
      I’m glad you enjoyed the article, thank you for being here!

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