Desire vs. drive

We’ve all experienced both desiring and driving towards something. Both approaches can help us get what we want, but drive may be a more steady way to pursue goals. Here’s why.


We’ve all experienced both desiring and driving towards something. Both approaches can help us get what we want, but drive may be a more steady way to pursue goals. Here’s why.

This post is a bit different from the rest, because rather than rambling about the topic at hand I’ll just leave a few points here. These are my thoughts about why driving in a chosen direction without too much attachment to a specific prize may be better than motivating yourself for action by desiring a tangible reward that it could bring.

  • Desire has obsessive nature. It can also make us more passive. If you get caught up in wanting, you are likely to spend less time doing something to get there. 
  • Desire also makes us want a very specific thing and even believe that without it we won’t be happy. If we get too stubborn in wishing for something too much, we may become unappreciative of what we actually receive. While it’s great knowing what direction you are going, thinking “it’s my way or the highway,” as desire often pushes us to, can throw us completely off should we get something completely or even a little bit different from our wish.
  • Drive could be a better alternative. Not too big a difference with desire, but it’s more about the process. When you have drive to move forward, you don’t focus on what you want to get, you are concentrated on going in the chosen direction, no matter what.
  • Drive gives excitement to fuel your engine, but it’s not attached to the reward – rather to the pursuit. Desire can give us plenty of excitement towards getting the prize, but not enough towards working to earn it. And the passion about something shiny at the end of the road may vanish quickly, too.
  • While desire can make us envious of those who already have what we want, drive stimulates us to learn from these people.
  • Desire, if uncontrolled, can make us greedy, selfish and too materialistic to appreciate the intangible joys of life. Drive urges us to become better and adds flavour to life.

Personally, this has made me reconsider wanting specific outcomes, and go for driving in a specific direction instead.

Do you agree or not? Which has proven more effective in your own life: desire or drive? Leave your opinion in the comments, it would be lovely to hear from you!

Enjoy your journey!  

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