How to have more fun in everyday life

We all want to enjoy our everyday life. Most of the time we do, but we can forget how to appreciate what we have in the present as we get used to it and settle into a routine. This post will help break the boredom spell and live life to the fullest again!


We all want to enjoy our everyday life. Most of the time we do, but we can forget how to appreciate what we have in the present as we get used to it and settle into a routine. This post will help break the boredom spell and live life to the fullest again! 

If you think your life has temporarily lost its luster, try and find something in it to be grateful for. This exercise will get you to focus on the positives, and that’s exactly what you want to grow, isn’t it? Today, let’s talk about how to have more fun every day so that we notice all the things in the present we should be thankful for and nurture them further.

Appreciation is the key to happiness. A person who gives gratitude for what they get is more likely to notice the blessings of their current life circumstances than one whose vision is obscured by ingratitude. When we are not thankful for what we have, we may fall into the trap of believing there is nothing we hold today worth appreciating. And this, in turn, trumps our hope for achieving wonderful things in the future. How can you find the motivation to climb a mountain when you think you are stuck way below sea level?

Additionally, valuing the positive things in your present gives you better chances of increasing them. Have you noticed that people are more likely to treat you with kindness when you show gratitude, by word or action, for all the good they bring into your life? You can’t devise laws of reality that work 100% of the time, but this one has never failed for me! Appreciation brings you more good things to appreciate. 

But as we fall into uninspiring routines, be it in relationships, work or creativity, we are prone to noticing less the positive aspects of everyday life, and as a consequence zeroing in on the negatives. Here are a few ways to come back to gratitude if you find yourself slipping into the unappreciative mode, with complaining and lousy mood often attached to it.

Remember why you’re here

Whatever you have going on at this stage of your life, you’ve worked hard for it. Whether it’s a marriage, a job or a project that’s getting a bit stale, you can turn your attitude around by simply remembering why you got into it in the first place. What were you looking forward to when you were only dreaming about this relationship, workplace, or endeavour? Now that you are holding it, acknowledge the perks that you wanted so bad before you got them. 

Spice up the routine

We are not robots, so a routine that leaves no space for spontaneous enjoyable activities is bound to weigh us down. Even adults want to have childlike fun every once in a while, and our mood can be boosted greatly by it. With good mood comes positivity and appreciation, so we want as much of it in everyday life as possible. Try changing things up in your regular routine – make something you’ve never made before for breakfast, take out your partner to the movies like in the good ol’ days instead of watching one on the couch, go for swimming or massage instead of arduous cardio classes for a month. Do whatever it takes to bring flavour back to normal activities. There’s plenty of opportunities for fun and spontaneity even in the regular – and finding them will feel very rewarding!

Run away

Very often, we lose the sense of gratitude in everyday life because we are burnt out by it. Our responsibilities grow as we get older, while our energy levels may generally go down or be inconsistent. This isn’t the end of the world, but to bring things back to balance, you will need a getaway. Free yourself up from daily responsibilities – go on a short vacation or a weekend that’s all about you – and enjoy every moment of it. Do only your favourite things, spend time only with people whose company you cherish the most, eat anything guilt-free and just let yourself go, for once. As you return from a mini holiday, with all stress relieved, you will see your regular life in fresh, bright colours.

Hopefully, you can use these to add more enjoyment in each and every day! And if you have your own tips and tricks to lift the spirits, by all means share them in the comments!

Enjoy your journey!

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