Love starts with you

This article will be helpful to anyone wishing to build a healthy, happy partnership that lasts. It talks about what we can do to not just attract the right person, but also grow a budding relationship into a flourishing one.


This article will be helpful to anyone wishing to build a healthy, happy partnership that lasts. It talks about what we can do to not just attract the right person, but also grow a budding relationship into a flourishing one.

Love is all around, and inside of us, too. By cultivating more love both within and in our surroundings, we attract people who do the same in their world. Don’t you want a loving, nurturing partner who cherishes you for who you are? Before they can come in, you need to learn to be this way, both to yourself and to the people who are there for you. Learn how to care, and you will be cared for.

Here is advice that may help in attracting that special someone.

Stop looking for a partner

When you are actively searching for a partner, it means you’ve switched your focus from the abundance of love in your world to the absence of a romantic partner. Instead of caring and cultivating what you have, you are concerned with filling this void, or rather finding someone to fill it.

That special someone may come your way, but they won’t meet the best version of you – nurturing, fun and comfortable with who you are. They will see a person who needs somebody to be complete. Completing you, or anyone else for that matter, is not their life goal – they want to be with someone complete, who has enough love to give themselves and others. Don’t you want the same?

Become the full package

Have you ever noticed that as your inner world changes, your circle of friends usually changes, too? You’ve become a different person, so you are interested in a different kind of people now. It’s natural for the like-minded to connect, and those on separate paths to drift apart.

The same happens in romance – we get attracted to a person whose views on life are similar to ours, and who we see as worthy of our love. But for them to be drawn to us, we need to match the same requirements.

So, think about it – what do you value? What does the partner with a “full package” look like to you?  Work on developing all these qualities, and the people who value them, too, will be drawn to you like bees to honey. Plus, you will also see yourself as desirable and simply great to be around – healthy self-esteem is irresistibly magnetic!

Appreciate the process

Many people, once they find a person they potentially want to spend forever with, kill the very foundation of their relationship by rushing into serious commitment. But people initially decide to be together because they enjoy each other’s company – not because they need a partner to create a family that will make them feel secure. Therefore, a healthy partnership builds up gradually, like a brick house. We add more and more pieces as we spend more time together, learning new things about each other and the world around.

If we take our time and keep building diligently, resisting the urge to demolish everything when fighting, we may just be lucky enough to create a happy home, with a lovely family in it. Jumping into commitment, however, is the equivalent of skipping the building part and living on a slim layer of bricks, pretending that’s enough to be content with the relationship. The essence is missing, so even the perfect partnership can fail if both people in it consider love a rush to the finish line.

So, relax. Stop thinking about when your special someone finally arrives – it will only make you anxious. Trust that you will have more than enough time to build a beautiful relationship together, in due course.

For your own happiness and that of your future partnership, take life as a process. Much like in a relationship, the amazing things in your everyday world grow when you consciously appreciate them. Notice every little thing that makes you feel happy to be alive throughout the day – a delicious meal, a lovely text from mom, a fun night out with friends – and fill yourself with gratitude. There’s no rush – enjoy each moment and let your special someone arrive into your life when both of you are ready.

Enjoy your journey! 

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