Living a life of purpose is easier than you think

Do you want an occupation you truly care about? Nobody is denying you a life of purpose but you. Read this article and free yourself from this blockage.


Do you want an occupation you truly care about? Nobody is denying you a life of purpose but you. Read this article and free yourself from this blockage.

Have you ever found yourself doing a job you don’t particularly like? If so, you know what it feels like to live with that gnawing thought in the back of your head “I could be doing something else right now. Something I truly love, something I could pour my heart into, something worthwhile.” At times it gets quieter, only to come back in a while with renewed strength. It never completely leaves your mind, yet whenever you hold a real opportunity to change paths, you still go for the safe bet, trying not to listen to that voice.

The good news is that you have it. You have the voice reminding that you could be doing what you love. What is missing is trust in this instinct. It could act as your guiding light, your compass to reach the path which is completely aligned with your purpose. But only if you allow it to lead the way. It takes learning to shut down the external voices about the “hot” occupations (for this season), and tuning in to what YOU believe to be 100% worthy of your effort.

How to find your purpose

What always awes you when you see others doing it? What seems almost too good to be true when you imagine yourself doing it for a living? This goes beyond thinking “that is useful for the world” or “it must be really fun.” You are attracted to that special occupation like moth to flame, enchanted by it. This is beyond reason – as if you are in love, but can’t quite express your feelings openly and just go for it.

What if you don’t follow your calling?

Of course, you can choose not to go for it – to stay where you are, doing what you do. But then you will most likely come to old age still hearing that gnawing voice, repeating “You could have done something that truly matters to you.” You might have had a darn secure life, but every once in a while you still wonder – “What if I took that turn?” It may be safe on the road most people take, but can you stand never finding out if the path of your heart is terrifying or exciting, painful or joyful, disappointing or rewarding, or maybe all of the above?

Why we stay in the status quo

The result of staying “in the closet” about your purpose is often the same – your mind undermines the heart’s calling by arguing “That’s never going to pay your bills!” or “Sure, some people make it, but what if you’re just not one of them? What then?” It may also project these thoughts on the outside, as in “Others will laugh at you if you go for it. You don’t want your life to be a joke, do you?”

Though all these notions of horrible consequences awaiting if you leave the beaten path are completely false, they have truths you can learn from. It is your fear talking – by all means, listen up! Write it down, if you need to. Listen to the fear, acknowledge what it is trying to warn you against, because it is there to protect you. It’s like an overbearing parent who cares about you so much he can’t take the thought of you getting into trouble.

Listen to the fear without following it

Treat fear with respect, because it truly cares about your well-being, but dare to prove it wrong. Look for real-life proof that the path you want to take CAN be both fulfilling and safe, instead of assuming it’s not, without a second thought. Change your mind from being prejudiced against a life of purpose to being prejudiced for it. See how many people do what they love – why on Earth couldn’t you?

Living your purpose, the safe way

Now, let’s be realistic here. No one promises that by choosing to become what your heart wants you to be – a painter, a professional football player, a sculptor – you will instantly feel whole and fearless. There’s no guarantee you will close the chapter on jobs you don’t care about, either – in fact, it’s very unlikely to happen soon.

The turn towards a life of purpose is no quick fix – it is a continuous process. You are giving yourself permission from now on to live out your heart’s calling, instead of endlessly running from uncertainty, like you might be used to. Your decisions are now based on what you truly want to bring into your life, not on what you are trying to prevent from happening. Example: when looking for a job, you now apply only for positions that you really find interesting (even if there may be few), instead of shooting away “motivation” letters at anything that gives a monthly salary, just so the bills don’t go unpaid.

It’s still smart to have a stable income source and to smoothen the transition into your beloved occupation. If you were to sail to unknown shores, you would take the time to build the ship and stock up on the necessities for a long journey first, right?

As you are preparing for the transition, you may still have jobs you don’t care about, and everything may stay same-old for a while. But there’s one big change – as you firmly decide to live a life of purpose, your mind will become your greatest ally in achieving it. From then on, all its powers will go towards figuring out, in practical ways, how to get you onto the path of your true purpose, instead of keeping you away from it.

All of a sudden, you will see tangible opportunities coming your way that are in perfect alignment with what you WANT to do, not what you think you HAVE to do. You see them now, because you were closed off to them before. They were there, but your were looking elsewhere. You were denying yourself the joy of following your true purpose.

Not anymore.

Enjoy your journey!

Thank you for reading, liking and following my blog – your support truly matters ❤


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    1. Thanks, good to hear! I like how stylish yours is – you definitely have an eye for all things visual! And the slogan – “Just because my path is different, doesn’t mean I’m lost.” is bold and inspiring!

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