How to get your sparkle back

Enthusiasm, mojo, spirit – whatever you call that which lights up your eyes and makes you feel alive, it plays a crucial role in your experience of the present moment. Here are a few ideas on getting it back if you happened to lose it along the way. These methods cover it all – full rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit.


Enthusiasm, mojo, spirit – whatever you call that which lights up your eyes and makes you feel alive, it plays a crucial role in your experience of the present moment. Here are a few ideas on getting it back if you happened to lose it along the way. These methods cover it all – full rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit.

Stressful changes, events outside of your control breaking your plans, not seeing results of your hard work, plain everyday routine – all these and more can cause a feeling of tiredness. The kind that doesn’t even go away after a long nap or a weekend getaway – it’s tiredness of life. When you lose your spirits, you feel numb on the inside and unable to enjoy whatever is happening in the present moment. Thoughts of the future don’t bring much hope, either – if anything, they agitate you even more because it seems you will keep feeling down no matter the circumstances.

Can you relate to that? If so, and this is how you feel right now, the following methods can help you get out of this funk and get your sparkle back.

Bring yourself back to the Here & Now

When we feel numb, and you find it hard to fully experience the present moment, what our mind tends to do is concentrate on anything but the Here & Now. It goes back to reanalyse the past or, on the contrary, incessantly plans for the future, as if focusing on what is coming will alleviate you from this state. However, all your life is happening in this very moment, so neither of these approaches work to help you feel excited and enthusiastic in the Here & Now – if anything, they may hinder enjoyment of the present by causing worry.

This is why balancing your current state is more important than planning the next steps to simply change the external circumstances:

The future is merely an extension of the present moment. … You determine what kind of future you will experience by deciding to be totally alive in the present moment.

Eckhart Tolle

So, give yourself permission to open up to the Here & Now – this is the best you can do to ensure a happy future for yourself. It is completely in your control.

The easiest way to feel alive right now is by activating your senses. Look around the room and concentrate on the different colours you are seeing. Get your favourite ice-cream and savour every little bit of it. Put on your favourite perfume or cologne and revel in its fragrance. Take a warm bath and feel the soft bubbles on the surface. Listen to soft acoustic music before sleep and pay full attention to every little change in tone as the sound breaks the silence of your bedroom. See – feeling alive in the moment is easy!


Ask your loved ones to be there for you

It is okay not to want much company if you are feeling down – after all, most people won’t understand what you are going through right now so they can’t possibly help you. But you still have ones who feel for you, and who care about you no matter what. These are the people you can come to when you have trouble feeling alive.

Enjoy time spent with loved ones to the fullest – suggest activities you can do together that will have your head, heart and body fully engaged in the present moment. Go dancing with friends, bake an apple pie with mom, go to the cinema with your cousin – the options are endless! Whatever you do to reconnect with those who truly love you will be deeply healing, and will help you make a big step towards getting your mojo back.


Appeal to your rational mind

This advice is from a recent article on Tiny Buddha by Joshua Johnson, and it truly helped change my perspective, so I’d love to pass it on.

When you feel tired, numb and don’t deeply care about anything, doing daily activities like going to work or university can be burdensome. But if you want to start feeling alive and energised again, to get your mojo back, it helps to have a positive view even on these mundane parts of life. How do you get it?

Ask yourself one question. “Why are you doing this?” Make sure to give a positive answer. For example, when needing motivation to work, your answer could be “I am going to work because it gives me and my family a beautiful home and delicious food on the table. I am building a secure, abundant future for me and my loved ones.”

See – it instantly switches you to a positive mindset about whatever you have to do every day. Your eyes are on the prize, and you feel good about working hard to get it.


Work with your bodies

Lack of life in your emotional body tends to translate into the physical realm, and shows itself in stiffness of neck and shoulders, leading to limp posture, as well as joint and muscle pains. To get rid of these symptoms, you need to relieve nervous tension that has accumulated in your body due to blockage. Unreleased emotions will stay with you until you shake them out!

Now, there are many ways to do this, and it’s up to you to make the choice. Whatever you feel compelled to do is usually the best option, be it martial arts, zumba or yoga. What I have found the most effective when going through this is a combination of massage (especially good when you are lacking the energy for exercise), swimming (to return to the feeling of going with the flow), and qi (life energy) balancing yoga. Choosing between classes at the gym and home-based YouTube workouts is a matter of preference.

Make your favourite physical activities an enjoyable part of your weekly routine, and you will feel a ton lighter!


Develop a spiritual practice to reconnect

If you’ve done everything listed above, you must already be feeling much better. And most likely, you already sense that you have never actually lost your spirit – you simply had a glitch in connecting with it. And to finally get your sparkle back for good, you have the power to improve your connection with the inner Source, on a daily basis. All it takes is to invent your own spiritual practice that will help you feel this connection with hope, inspiration and kindness whenever you need.

There is a reason meditation is so “hot” in our day and age – it works. Much like with yoga and other types of exercise, you are free to choose between different types and ways to do it, but I honestly can’t recommend it enough. So, if you’ve never tried meditation before – look up a guided session online and see how you like it.

Or, you can simply try self-guided visualisation first thing in the morning and before sleep. Gently draw your mind’s attention to what you are grateful for, then your hopes, dreams and wishes, sending love and light both to yourself and your loved ones.

The most important element in your spiritual practice, however, is believing in its healing effect. It restores your faith. This is why the most beneficial practice is one that you developed – you know yourself best. You know if you prefer to clear your mind or concentrate on your inner voice during meditation. You know what you can visualise to restore the sense of peace and beauty within. Go with this instinct.

I hope this serves you well and helps you feel alive again! 


Enjoy your journey!

Thank you to everyone reading, liking and following my blog – your support truly matters. Have an amazing day! ❤


14 thoughts on “How to get your sparkle back

    1. Thank you, great to hear you liked it! 🙂 It does take a while to find the perfect visuals – but it adds plenty of inspiration when writing!
      Your blog is really lovely as well – you must be a fast reader to write new reviews every other day, way to go!


  1. I cannot tell you how pleased I am that I found your comment on the community pool! This post has made my day as it’s so relatable and has put into words the things I don’t know how to. I feel like this sometimes and never know how to describe it. I will definitely take your advice and try out some of the things you’ve said here. I especially liked the first one about being there in the here and now. I am definitely someone who obsessed over what I’m doing next, instead of enjoying the journey! Thank you xx

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    1. That’s something most people feel from time to time – though there’s no real need for our obsession and worry 🙂 Really glad you found the post useful, thank you for your wonderful comment! ❤

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  2. Hi Elena!

    I just wanted to say thank you for the mention. 🙂

    And this is a beautiful post. The steps and process you’ve detailed here seems to be my daily routine almost to a tee. Living with mindfulness, staying physical, having a reason to push through what some people would consider drudgery, and making the most of time with friends and family is probably one of the best recipes for a great life. Keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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