Inside out

Missing direction in life? Read this…


Missing direction in life? Read this…

You have a gift. Something that we will appreciate and that will potentially change the way we see things. Something that you love doing, so much that you can’t feel the time passing by when you’re honing your craft. You may have an idea of what it is, or none whatsoever, but it’s inside of you, waiting to be nurtured, to grow into full bloom. And what you read here will hopefully help you bring it out.

Stop the waiting game

Many of us have made the first decisions regarding our occupation very early in life, usually in teenage years when the education system is forcing this choice. How much did we really know about ourselves and the world then? Probably not as much as we do today. These early decisions are often influenced by opinions of peers and adults around us, our vague ideas of what will be good for us to pursue in the long run, and by availability of further studies or job opportunities in the field.

But all these influences are easily changeable. People change their minds, the job market also shifts with the trends, and our ideas of what’s good for the future may turn out to be wrong once that future arrives. And the situation you may find yourself in is not too pleasant – having to do something you don’t really care for, day in and day out, without a happy ending in sight.

If you resonate with this, don’t let your mind trick you into the waiting game – going through the motions of the regular job, knowing that your passion lies elsewhere but eternally waiting for an opportunity to switch paths. There won’t be any. That is, unless you start responding to your heart’s calling and going in the direction that is in alignment with your True Self. You have to start working towards your own Dream now to come across the opportunities you seek later – only this way they will actually come to you.

Start with the roots

The opportunities you encounter on your path are a bonus, a “good job” from the Universe, or the Source, or God, or whatever you believe in. To the purely rational, non-spiritual folks out there, it’s just a consequence of your actions. You get new opportunities for what you are doing right now. In other words, what you put your energy in (your daily work) will grow, while the things that don’t get acted upon (like a distant calling) don’t bring any goodies your way.

It’s like a tree. We only see what’s above the surface – the branches, the leaves, the fragrant flowers and the delicious fruit it gives. But to grow this luxury, a tree has to grow its roots first, soaking up the nutrients from the soil around it. Not many know that roots are as massive as the visible branches of the tree or even more so – we just don’t see them above the surface. Trees put in the work before they get the fruit, and so do people.

You will get what you want

What often discourages us from acting upon our calling is that we don’t know if fruit of our labour is coming anytime soon. There are indeed no guarantees, no security – but that could be your greatest motivator, if you let it. You have your chance to (finally!) do something for the sake of doing it – not because someone wants you to, but because YOU want to, and because you can’t NOT do it. 

You can keep the job security and make the transition to the life you want as smooth as you need – in fact, that’s the sensible thing to do. But don’t kill your Dream for the sake of fragile sense of security. Don’t neglect the seeds waiting to grow from inside of you out into the world. Get going towards your calling now – and it will give you not just security, but genuine enjoyment and love for what you do down the path. That is priceless.

So, if there’s something you want to do, YOU are the one who has to decide to go for it. Don’t wait for an external cue – or you’ll wait forever. Instead, exercise your power to bring in the right external circumstances by starting to work on yourself first – quietly, but purposefully. Take a class, set aside time every day to practice an instrument, connect with people who made it and ask them for advice. But most importantly, believe in the value of what you hold and remember that people around you will benefit greatly from your unique gift.

Enjoy your journey!

Discussion time! Have you found your gift? What are you doing to bring it out into the world? Please, share your experience in the comments – it will be wonderful to hear from you! ❤ 

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