Amazing things are coming your way in 2017. Don’t believe it? Read this!

After years of trying too hard and getting burned, it’s easy to grow a shell of scepticism to keep your expectations in check. But isn’t it better to start the New Year hopeful and excited?


After years of trying too hard and getting burned, it’s easy to grow a shell of scepticism to keep your expectations in check. But isn’t it better to start the New Year hopeful and excited?

The farther we grow from being children, the more difficult it gets to believe in the New Year’s miracle. Winter holidays become more of a hassle than a magical passage into the new period of our lives, with fresh eyes and a light heart.

No wonder shedding the Old and inviting the New gets tougher every year – after all, there’s more and more Old to forget, but the amount of the exciting New coming in is the same – unknown. But how come this used to be enough to set us on fire around holiday time (sometimes as early as a few months before!), and now we can’t even feel the New Year coming as it stands on the threshold?

Scepticism ruins excitement for us. It creeps in at a moment of weakness, coaxing us into believing we’re able to see right through the inner workings of this world, and it ain’t pretty. You’ve experienced a lot, and now you know. Scepticism is a byproduct of thinking you know it all – what has been up to this point and, by deduction, what’s coming.

But it’s not true knowledge of what lies ahead. Here’s proof – think back to what you imagined 2016 to be and remember what it actually brought you. How much of the new adventures you’ve had this year you could actually predict last December? If you knew even 1%, you’re probably psychic.

Most of us, however, just don’t know. We can guess, plan, stipulate “if this, then that” but with so many unpredictable forces at play in this chaotic world, you never really see things coming. Why then are you so sceptical of the possibility that something breathtaking, exciting and unbelievably fortunate is just behind the corner, ready to sweep you off your feet in 2017?

It’s a defence mechanism. You’re shielding yourself emotionally from reality with bitter thoughts, assuming that when you are aware bad things might happen, you won’t be as hurt by them. But guess what? Behind that shield you’re all the same.

Scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist.

George Carlin

You’re just as hopeful as the child you once were, and it will naturally be painful in the future to accept not all hopes come true. That’s okay – it’s just the reality casting off our rose-colored glasses to show the truth, and to challenge us to learn peaceful acceptance on top of our innate hopefulness rather than put on a fragile shell of scepticism. It doesn’t protect you from hurt, but only masks it.   

This is the spiritual lesson behind it, but there’s also reasonable proof that we don’t really need to protect ourselves at all. Heartbreak, loss, depression – these things have led us all to be cynical about the future at some point. But if the world served up exactly the same lessons to exactly the same people in the exact same form over and over and over again, our lives would get a bit repetitive, don’t you think?

So, 2017 is your fresh new chapter. And as reality is never one-sided, that year will not serve you only the good or the bad. You’ll definitely go through unexpected struggles and challenges, but they’re only a side dish. The main course in life is great joy, excitement and magical experiences that make it worth living. So, no matter if you’re a cynic or a hopeful romantic, you have a reason to feel bubbly inside when holding that glass of champagne as you welcome 2017! Happy New Year! 

Enjoy your journey!

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