To change the world, change yourself

It may seem one person has too little power to make a change in this world. However, the Hundredth Monkey Effect proves any one of us can make a real difference.


It may seem one person has too little power to make a change in this world. However, the Hundredth Monkey Effect proves any one of us can make a real difference. 

If you sincerely care about any major issue, be it economic inequality in the world, war or animal rights violation by humans, you know that no matter how powerful humans are, we are also imperfect. As a collective and as individuals, we can’t possibly protect every being on the planet and ensure equal treatment of all. And realising that, we may feel powerless to make a change.

But we are actually way more powerful than we realise. By ways we conduct ourselves, we affect those around – our family, friends, colleagues, and whichever other community we invest a lot of energy in.

That’s why many movements, e.g. vegetarians and hippies, have spread across continents without having a persuasive, charismatic leader to push their agenda. It’s later when leaders join in and work towards raising awareness as well as driving tangible change. But any change starts within ordinary people, like you and I.

It happens on the level of belief, which then pushes us to adjust our own words and actions to reflect them. But tangible change comes in a while, when that one belief is powered by enough human energy to move the mountain of an existing problem.

Now, you can probably see why exasperation about world problems is not going to make a difference. It only seeds aggression, desperation and resentment inside you, because you think change is impossible. It discourages you from standing by your belief that change is needed, and projecting it into the world.

The reason the change you’re hoping for hasn’t manifested yet is that too many people are exasperated, just like you. They are not moving in the right direction by beginning the change in their own words and actions. Their belief “this problem can’t be fixed in a crooked world like ours” feeds the problem, not the solution.

So, stop wasting energy on finding fault with the world. Instead, decide for yourself: which problem do you think needs to be solved? How can you personally make an adjustment to your own behaviour and expression in this world to make change happen?

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Once you have changed, keep it up and go on with your life. You’ve done your part. Now, let the Hundredth Monkey Effect do the rest! 🙂

Enjoy your journey!

7 thoughts on “To change the world, change yourself

  1. Fantastic post! I am a huge believe in the hundredth monkey theory and the fact we as humanity are so close to that oh so important hundredth monkey. Humanities conscious is rising as an ever increasing rate and soon the possibilities will be endless. Peace

    Liked by 1 person

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