What colour are your glasses?

This post is about how your vision of yourself and the world around shapes your future. Change the vision – change the future!


This post is about how your vision of yourself and the world around shapes your future. Change the vision – change the future!

Your attitude and how you see the world affects not only your perception of the current situation and the past, but also the future you will get to experience. What you think you are right now is what you’re about to be going forward. A person that sees himself as a successful musician, even before he’s released any albums or gained any approval from the public, will be a prolific creator and confidently present his work to producers, thus becoming a successful musician.

Hard work and knowledge is part of it, but to make achievement possible you must start with the right attitude. If you think you’re a failure now, no amount of work will change this position you’ve put yourself in even before you’ve tried chasing your dream. This post from Twitter gives a curious, unconventional proof that your attitude determines 100% of your future success:


Attitude is the way you think about yourself and others that colours your vision of the past, present and future.

Imagine that every day, all day you’re wearing glasses with blue lenses. Even when it’s sunny out, the world around will seem cold and unwelcoming. This is how you’ll see others, which in turn will affect your mood and, over time, your perception of self. By contrast, orange glasses will make a winter day bright, and the atmosphere around you warm wherever you go. You’ll be supportive of yourself and others – a real positivity magnet!

So, what colour are your glasses? (Share it in the comments 😉 )

Another visual illusion we create in our mind, besides the colour filter, has to do with size. This one is a bit trickier – while the colour of our reality applies to everyone in it, when it comes to sizing up achievements we often fall into the trap of using a different lens for ourselves and everyone else, creating a sharp contrast.


If you look at what others have accomplished through a plus lens and use a minus lens for your own results, your personal achievements will always seem minuscule by comparison. This can easily lead to a defeatist “Why bother?” attitude before a new project has even started. What’s more, you’ll be prone to spending way more time hung up on measuring how far others have gone (be it on Facebook or through collecting grapevines) than bringing your own ideas into life.

The opposite isn’t any better. If you own achievements seem grand to you through a plus lens, and accomplishments of others – tiny, you will likely be prone to complacency. Plus, without meaning to, you’ll push others away by not appreciating their achievements.

In real life, people get plus or minus glasses out of necessity – when their own vision is weak and blurred. This physical problem is very difficult to fix, but when it comes to the vision of your mind, it’s in you power to recalibrate your view of the world and accept reality as-is – no filters, no nothing. Only sharp natural images in Ultra HD 🙂


Enjoy your journey!

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