Never stop creating

So, you have this idea you could set in motion, but you’re just not sure… to create or not to create? Hopefully, this post will help you make that decision and get moving.


So, you have this idea you could set in motion, but you’re just not sure… to create or not to create? Hopefully, this post will help you make that decision and get moving.

Remember how in college you had to submit assignments on time to get marks for the course? If you turn it in – you get feedback and pass, if you don’t – you fail the course. And higher level courses had prerequisites – you could only take them after you’d passed the specified courses on the previous level.

This pretty much describes, in a nutshell, how we advance in post-college life. Except instead of assignments, we often get to create anything we want, and instead of strict teachers, we have a whole lot of people around who will be giving us feedback on our creation (be it your boss and colleagues if it’s a work project, or art gallery visitors if you’re an independent painter).

But now that there aren’t any teachers pressuring us into doing assignments under tight deadlines, we find it hard to accept the control over our own creative process. We get tempted to postpone acting on our ideas, and our progress dwindles down to the point when we feel we don’t drive our life forth – instead, circumstances kick us forward.

The good news is that you can put a stop to the awful feeling of being kicked around at any moment – simply by making a firm decision to act on the most exciting idea you have at the moment that can contribute to a better future for you.



Basically, here’s the choice we’re facing at every crossroads in our life. The previous chapter has been closed (or is about to be, and you’re sensing it by how little involvement you feel with the current circumstances), so you can either start setting up an action plan to write the next chapter, or wait until the next chapter unrolls by itself from where the last one left off.

The former choice gives you the freedom to write in any crazy adventure you’ve always wanted the main character in the book to experience. He might not get what he’s fighting for right away (not all of us can become millionaires in just a few years, for example – this goal might call for a few extra chapters), but in any case he’ll go through one hell of a journey. If you think it’s worth a try, regardless what the outcome may be, this means you’re truly ready to take control of your life and test your own character. By all means, go for it! There won’t be a better time next year or 10 years down the line – it will be the same old you, but with even more responsibilities on your plate and less space for creative pursuits.
Nevertheless, surrendering desire for the new experience because it’s not the right time is also an option. And it’s completely okay to choose this route for now, if you think you’re not ready to act on whatever idea you have in mind and accept the outcome. But before you decide to go with this alternative, make sure you truly take your time to evaluate the absolute worst-case scenario. Is it really so horrendous you won’t give yourself a shot? 
Say you want to write a book, but since you haven’t done anything like that before, it’s possible your new creation will never get published, and the time spent on writing it will not pay off. Or, if it does get published, it could get ignored on the market or receive a bad review on some website. Alternatively, it might only make it through to a not-so-polite editor who could send you a rejection letter.
Do any of these scenarios seem like the end of the world? Not really. And this is often the case with fear – even when you give it your best shot to imagine the worst outcome possible, nothing is too scary when it’s brought down to earth and looked straight in the eye. Failure is just another fact of life, something that happens to everybody – you accept it, you learn from it, and you move on to better things.

The only way to fail, really, is to give up before the fight when you have a burning, untameable desire inside to experience something. Do nothing, and you sure as hell will find yourself with nothing. The burning desire you had will become a dying flame inside, hurting you with disappointment of never having had the guts to go for it. This is truly a loss – both for you and for those whose lives would’ve been transformed if only you had done that special something…

The bottom line is this – if you decide to create, you’re guaranteed to get an outcome. Something tangible that you can show for the effort invested and time passed. New connections, ways of thinking, opportunities and experiences that wouldn’t have been possible if you hadn’t chosen action.

Most importantly, you gain something you can build up on, if you choose to do so. To start the next year of your programme in college you needed to pass the exams of the previous year, right? By acting on your idea, you started your own programme. The programme of advancement to the life of your dreams.
This is just the start – the decision to create is your entrance ticket to the tower, at the top of which are the accolades or the payoff you crave. If you’ve chosen to start creating, it means you’ve stepped in that door and started climbing the stairs. As a result, you got the key to the next door on the upper floor – the key to advance to the next levels.

This is your reward for acting on your idea. If this way upstairs, getting closer and closer to the life you’ve always wanted to lead, seems a good investment of your time and energy, you know what to do. Create!

Enjoy your journey!


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