How to bring your dream into reality

Whatever you are dreaming about you can have. But to bring it into your life, manifesting may not be enough…


Whatever you are dreaming about you can have. But to bring it into your life, manifesting may not be enough… 

Imagine yourself in a room full of balloons. They are floating up high in the air, and you can see the string of each one hanging at a distance from you – some closer, some so far they seem impossible to catch. Each balloon is bright in colour and unique in shape, and oh-so-gorgeous. You are walking around for a while in awe of their beauty. Suddenly, a thought pops into your mind – “Can I catch one?”

Sure you can!

You’ve probably heard about The Secret – a movie (based on a book of the same name by Rhonda Byrne) that argues we can have anyone we want, provided we set our mind to it to manifest it into physical reality. While the idea at the core is valid, in the film there is very little attention paid to the work it takes to make your dream come true.

How about we stop manifesting and start setting intentions?

You see that balloon up high, that one experience you crave right now more than anything else – be it having a home in the countryside, creating an outstanding piece of art or meeting the perfect partner – and it can be yours, provided you reach for the string and pull. So, the process is simple:

  • Choose the balloon

Decide what it is you truly want to achieve in the next phase of your life. Singular focus on the wish that gets you the most excited at this time will bring results faster than dreams of having it all or worries that just one thing may not be enough for your happiness.

  • Reach for the string

Find the way to dive in. Make the first step in the direction of your dream – if it’s meeting the right person, go out on a Saturday night, if it’s getting the perfect home, look at the prices of similar houses and draw up a realistic savings plan for a down payment.

  • Pull the balloon

However long it takes, once you’ve grabbed the string, keep pulling all the way through to the end. It’s rare to get the desired outcome upon the first try, but every move in the right direction counts. Keep the eye on the balloon and remember why you want it – the sense of purpose and burning desire will help you move forward.

  • Receive, with gratitude

When you’re given what you’ve asked for, and you’re finally holding the balloon, celebrate the victory and keep appreciating this achievement as you go on. Too often, we discount what’s already in our hands as unworthy because we haven’t found the sense of self-worth inside.

Every time when reaching for a new goal, we think it will bring the fulfilment we seek, but it doesn’t exist outside of ourselves. We can only find it when we realise no matter what we have, it’s perfectly enough – and then reach for the new not because we need to be completed, but because it’s another amazing experience, before the next one.

So, make sure you don’t pop your new balloon without thinking twice once you’ve caught it and go on jumping for the string of another one. Holding a million balloons, you will feel the same as you do with just one. If you cherish it, you’re fulfilled. If you look for flaws in it, you’re forever dissatisfied.

When you catch yourself taking many things that you once dreamed of for granted, come back for a moment to the state before having what you have now. Remember how much you wanted it? Remember how beautiful and colourful these opportunities seemed when out of your reach? They still are! And someone is working hard to bring into their life what you have at this very moment.

Take a second every morning as you open your eyes to acknowledge and cherish what you’ve got, and you’ll become a magnet for great things in life. Like attracts like – abundance within brings abundance all around!

Enjoy your journey! 


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