Two types of events that shape your life (part 2)

This blog post covers the second type of life-shaping events. This is the final piece of a 2-part series offering you knowledge to better understand the flow of life and how you are able to affect it.


This blog post covers the second type of life-shaping events. This is the final piece of a 2-part series offering you knowledge to better understand the flow of life and how you are able to affect it.

In the previous post we discussed the things we must experience in life. They might be tough, but they are essential teachers on our path. Today, let’s talk about the events we bring about ourselves. Things we choose to experience are often more subtle, and many times more positive. They don’t come in to shake us like a piñata and beat the living confetti (that no longer serves us) out of the system.

If the must-experience events are there to shape your being, the chosen experiences are here to fill it. They fill your existence with pleasure, worry, joy, pain, excitement, jealousy – whichever you choose. They start with an intention that comes directly from your mind shaped as a Want or Don’t Want. Interestingly enough, our mind reads these two as the same thing. Because it knows our reality is essentially limitless and anything is possible, it simply isn’t wired to perceive the negatives – why bother, if it’s useless?

So, from the moment you start consciously desiring experiences in your life, it placidly goes on accepting your orders. “Jane wants a toy. Jane wants a car. Jane wants not to be fired. Jane wants a new job. Jane wants to get married…” – you get the idea.

Of course, these things don’t come free. You want something at a shop – you gotta pay for it. In the same way, anything you want in this world must be paid for. But money isn’t the main asset you can make transactions with on the physical plane – it is the investment of energy that counts. Money is just a token given in this world in exchange for your energy.

Say you want a Teddy bear as a kid – you can use your energy to do some chores that week and earn pocket money to buy it. Or, optionally you can spend that energy on irritating the hell out of your parents using sophisticated whining until they’re so annoyed they’re happy to buy you that toy just to get you off their back.

As we go forward in life, we encounter bigger toys we want. Understandably, it will cost more of your energy to get you a house than to get you that Teddy bear. But the principle that we use to get it is exactly the same – we decide we want it, we find a way, and we try until we get it.

Finally, why is it important to be conscious of which things in life are chosen and which are planned for you? That’s because we need to know what we can wish for and what is out of reach (thus it’s a waste of energy). Anything involving another human being with their own free will is off limits. You can’t make something happen between you and a specific person without them wishing the same. That would interfere with their own life plan, and neither you nor anyone else living has the right to meddle. We’re out on our own – only coming together with other souls when it makes sense to both our journeys.

Also, we need to acknowledge that most of the things that happen to us (except uncontrollable events) we bring about into our own reality. Once we are conscious of it, we can minimise the unpleasant experiences we call in – arguments, failures, penalties – and focus on drawing in the delicious moments that make our lives worth living.

To sum up this post, here’re three reminders that can substantially improve your experience:

1) Your mind doesn’t read not’s. Positive intentions will bring you positive outcomes, but be mindful that the negatives are also fulfilled.

2) The human mind doesn’t have limits. Man once thought sky was the limit, yet now we can fly from Philadelphia to Melbourne in less than 24 hours.

3) Dream big, but be prepared to pay for it. You have the most valuable currency of all, accepted in every country – energy.

Hopefully, these help you fill your life with even more magnificent experiences than you’ve had so far. If you liked this post, you’ll love the next where we talk about bringing your Dream into physical reality. Bye for now – and please follow this blog, like this post (if you really liked it), and write a comment if you have something to say on the topic. Happy to connect with all of you!

Enjoy your journey!

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