Two types of events that shape your life (part 1)

This blog post speaks about the first of two life-shaping event types. This is part 1 of a 2-part series offering you knowledge to better understand the flow of life and how you are able to affect it.


This blog post speaks about the first of two life-shaping event types. This is part 1 of a 2-part series offering you knowledge to better understand the flow of life and how you are able to affect it.

When you look at your life in retrospect, you can in most cases see clearly the events that you have brought in by your own conscious effort and ones that were in store for you. These are the two types of milestones we all go through as we’re shaping our world, day by day. In a nutshell, there are things you have to experience and things you choose to experience, and it’s important to see the difference.

Today, let’s talk about the former. Things you have to experience are inevitable. They’ll hit you like a truck, and rest assured there’s no running from it. Birth and death are a common example, or a karmic relationship – one after which you just can’t remain the same as before, because if you do it means you’re refusing to fulfil the karma.

These special events are unavoidable, and they often feel traumatic, especially if you don’t yet see them for what they are – a complete deliberate transformation of your being and your view of the world. On the surface, they are memorable milestones that vary in intensity and overall tone – death of your dog doesn’t feel remotely the same as giving birth to a child. Nevertheless, both come to you for a reason.

If you look again at the examples – birth, death, a fated relationship – you’ll probably notice one thing they have in common. These events bring you in contact with other souls and then teach you to let go. They are the ultimate demonstration that you are forever alone in this world, yet always connected. And they show despite the fact you have enormous potential to influence reality, there are still some things that will forever be outside of your control.

You need to experience getting in touch with souls to the point when you almost become one, and then releasing bonds of attachment to them – these are simply different sides of the same coin, the lesson in True Love. These experiences are what gives you a core, a soul, a foundation.

You can’t force them as much as you can’t avoid them. These are in your blueprint, in your spiritual DNA. These things come at just the right time, whether you like it or not.

The good news is that because you were meant to experience them, none of these things will break you. Even your own death can’t. It’s another experience your soul is destined to have at a specific time in the future, as part of its existence – most likely, not the final part. None of us knows where it all starts and where it ends, really.

And the even better news is that because there is no affecting or preventing these things, you can just let it go. Relax and trust in the natural flow of life – it’s nature that is really in control here, after all. These tidal waves won’t wash you away, but they are needed to shape your experience.

This is all the food for thought today. Hopefully, this post truly helps you and if so, you can reach out to tell how it resonated with you through the Contact page, it would be great to hear from you! And please share this post with your friends if you enjoyed it.

Part 2 is coming up on Friday – stay tuned and remember to enjoy your journey!

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